Why 2016 Will Have More Locates than Ever

It’s easy to forget about the importance of infrastructure when designing your dream home or company. But whether it’s a gas line to a heated swimming pool, storm sewers, or lighting for a parking lot, there is always something to consider before you strike into the ground. Call before you dig; not just a best practice, it is a no brainer (well, and legally required). And the opportunity to do just that is only set to increase. Here’s why:


71% of construction firms say they’ll increase their payroll in 2016. That’s because they have confidence in retail, warehouse, and lodging to make a busy year for public construction. The majority of customers fall into hospital (19% net positive), private office (19%), multifamily residences (14%), higher education (13%), K-12 school (12%) and public building (12%). A push for smarter, healthier citizens means more job sites. Because the 811 State Call doesn’t locate everything beyond the service meter, all those developments need a second call to a private utility locator prior to development.


Green building now makes up 26-33% of the total residential market. Why? Homeowners are remodeling to get the most energy for the least amount of money. When customers want to produce green, Greenbuild 2015 says what they’re really looking for is higher-quality results and lifecycle cost savings. It’s all about utility bills.

With environmentally friendly structures being prioritized, you’re going to want non-destructive methods of scanning for your job site. Consider ground penetrating radar and subsurface utility engineering, which map the coordinates of utilities to prevent environmental damage. You can emphasize stellar results with the most complete solution available.


Construction is clearly more difficult than just simply following a project plan or fitting a square peg in a round hole – there is a varied timeline of decisions that could mean life or death. In fact, jobsite accidents and criminal indictments are on the rise, so it’s more important now than ever to take appropriate safety measures on your site, even if it’s just your backyard.

OSHA will increase its fines this year by 82%, the first raise since 1990. Because there’s going to be such an intense focus on safety violations in 2016, only stake your reputation and dollars on trained contractors and seasoned utility locators.

Your guys have to know what to do, they need to know where to do it with NO SURPRISES.


Single-family construction has bounced back to 53% of “normal” industry levels, and is well on its way to reaching 91% by 2017. A lot of that is because home improvement spending has doubled since 2012. Every time a Tim Taylor busts out the tool-belt, they have to call a locator. With 75 million homeowners, private utility locators like Baker-Peterson can only expect and aspire to grow more in 2016.

Are you seeing similar trends? Let us know what you think is important! Contact Baker-Peterson.

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