Utility Locating FAQS: What is Private Utility Locating?

private utility locatingYou may have heard the term “private utility locating” when referring to the location of underground utilities. So what is private utility locating?

Well, not all utilities are owned by utility operators or utility companies. Some utilities are located on private property and were installed for their owner’s needs. A utility becomes private once it enters private property past its meter.

Examples might include lighting for parking lots and commercial uses at shopping centers, office parks and entertainment venues, Internet and phone lines at colleges and universities, and residential use utilities that power sports facilities, pools, sprinklers and more.

It’s possible that a homeowner may have both public utilities (owned by the utility company) and private utilities on his property. When you call 811 prior to any digging, a representative from a utility company may handle the location of the public underground utilities, while a company such as Baker-Peterson may handle the private utility locating portion. We use a variety of equipment to best determine and mark where your private utilities are located.

Both public and private utilities are equally important as you cannot safely dig if you do not know where all utilities are located.

For more information about private utility locating, please visit www.baker-peterson.com or call us at 855-756-2283.

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