Locating in Winter Conditions

With winter storms well on their way, no one wants any service interruptions or damage to their utility lines. It’s important to stay cozy and connected. And if you have a digging project, you want to avoid all liability for emergency response and repair. You don’t want your crew buried under inches of snow and legal documents.

Utility locates are another safety precaution – like chipping ice off your windshield or shoveling your driveway. But locates are significant all the time, not just when there’s a snowpocalypse. You can’t do construction without one. Residential or commercial, every modification you see popping up in your city or backyard has rules about how deep to dig and where to do it.

A buildup of snowfall can cause toppling power lines and breaking branches – which means lots of construction. When you have to tear into the soil this season, you have to protect what’s under it. Baker-Peterson is your available and active frost patrol. We don’t just know private utility location, we wrote the manual. With over 100 years of collective knowledge, we have seen, tested, and marked EVERY type of ground coverage. Even the white stuff.

Utility locators usually use paint guns to mark the direction of power lines. But paint won’t stick to a wet, dirty, or icy surface. Flurries could delay locates for days and weeks, waiting for parking lots and sidewalks to be plowed and treated. You don’t want to damage your equipment and you don’t want your locator’s marks to run like the season sniffles.

You need experts. Baker-Peterson will keep your dig worry-free so no one in your community has to twiddle their frost-bitten thumbs in a blackout. Our team uses ground penetrating radar, an environmentally friendly technology that locates targets deep underground. Ice and snow are actually some of the most favorable conditions for GPR. We wheel the radar across your site and use an antenna to shoot electromagnetic energy down into rock, soil, and asphalt. GPR finds both metallic and non-metallic features and distinguishes between them on our team’s computer screen. Interpreting that info requires experience. And that is one thing we absolutely deliver.

Icy rain or freezing temperatures, we refuse to compromise customer satisfaction. No surprises is the Baker-Peterson founding philosophy. Visit baker-peterson.com or call 855-756-2283 to get the full, free, structured plan of your site’s utility directions.

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