How to Plant a Tree Without Causing Utility Damage

Underground utility safetyAs spring officially arrived today, we know many of you will be headed outdoors to work on your home landscaping doing everything from planting flowers to installing fences to mowing the grass. In today’s blog post, we thought we’d focus on how to plant a tree without causing utility damage.

Planting a tree is not as simple as digging a hole and sticking it in … if only that were so! It requires planning to ensure you place it in an area that will allow maximum growth but that is also safe with no utility lines in the area.

Keep in mind that you not only need to be sure there are no utility lines directly beneath the tree but there should also be no utility lines in the area, as roots can grow outward and disrupt underground utilities. Your tree can also affect above ground utility lines if it grows too tall. And you don’t want to have to move your tree again once you’ve planted it!

Before you plant your tree, learn about it. Understand how it grows and how the root systems function. How tall will it be? Does it have aggressive roots? Does it need shade or sun?

Once you’re informed, your next step should be to call 811 before you dig. All states require that you call ahead for underground utility locating from public utilities and utility locating companies like Baker-Peterson before you dig into the ground.

Within just a few days, you will have your utilities marked clearly and you can make the final decision about where to place your new tree.

Now you’ll know you’ve got a beautiful tree that can grow how it needs without causing any damage and hopefully, it can remain there for generations!

Happy planting!



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