How to Build a Quality Crew

When homeowners or contractors request a private utility locate, we arrive within 48 hours to develop a comprehensive digging project around utilities. Knowing where gas and water lines are buried is necessary to not only prevent major design changes (and comply with regulations) but also prevent endangerment of human lives.

Values, safety and quality are at the core of our business model. For that reason, a critical component of our ongoing success is centered in finding the right teammates who believe in the power of purpose. Here are a few core elements to our leadership and teaming approach built on unity and selfless service:


We want guys who look at their schedule as more than a checklist. Utility locates involve detail-oriented interpretation of ground imaging. That means absolutely no shortcuts. That’s why you can trust the Baker-Peterson crew to put forth their best effort on the job, and always exceed your expectations. Of course clients want to see prompt locates and customer service-which we are committed to delivering every time. We also recognize that when locators feel like part of a team, they are even more committed to delivering quality service and checking details twice.


When you think construction, you see a hard hat. The number one focus of utility location is public safety. Whether in the field or at the desk, we put our guys through extensive and up-to-date training. The key is to take every precaution, every step of the way. This begins with a client’s effective use of 811 and pre-excavation documentation, all the way up to pipeline maintenance, leak detection and slot training. Is your team on top of safety? Be sure your crew is up to code on electric safety, in the know about the best tools and aware of an emergency action plan for every possible scenario. Because when 100% of your work is underground, every situation is possible.


We’re big picture guys. To an outsider, it may seem that utility scanning could be repetitive, however, there’s no such thing as a typical day. Our teams know that they are working towards a common vision, one piece of the bigger puzzle; and certainly the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We pride ourselves on being the strongest link-so no surprises and quality results. With everything that could go wrong, our hires have to be right. We continuously invest in them so they in turn are able to invest their experience for our clients. Baker-Peterson prides itself on minimal turnover, employee engagement and investment.

For quality advice or locates from industry leaders, contact us here.

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