Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung, and we are moving into Summer.  Not only does this time of year mean spending quality time with your family and friends, but also getting around to those outdoor projects you have spent all winter planning. Before you put a spade in the dirt, a hoe to the garden, a post hole… Continue reading

Expert Witness Services in Utility Damage Cases

Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes accidents do happen, and when it involves utilities, the result can often be devastating. Gas explosions can cause complete destruction of properties as well as loss of life, as can contact with live electrical lines. Other times, utility damage causes great inconvenience and economic loss, such as cutting phone and… Continue reading

Get to Know Baker-Peterson, a Utility Locating Company

Need assistance with utility locating? Whether you’re a utility company, a homeowner, a business or other private landowner, Baker-Peterson provides underground utility locating services for a variety of needs and projects. Baker-Peterson offers both public utility locating, which involves working with utilities to locate their lines, as well as private utility locating, where we locate… Continue reading

Call 811 Educates Race Fans about Proper Utility Locating

Here in Indiana, where our utility locating company is based, we love racing! With the annual Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, Hoosiers just can’t get enough of fast cars. That’s why we’re excited about Call 811’s campaign targeting visitors to the nearby Kentucky Motor Speedway. Call 811 signs are prominently displayed on underground pedestrian tunnels… Continue reading

What is Electromagnetic Locating?

Because no single utility location instrument can detect all types of buried utilities, Baker-Peterson has various ways of underground utility locating, including ground penetrating radar, vacuum excavation and electromagnetic locating. Electromagnetic locating is used to find buried pipes and cables with a device that detects the alternating magnetic fields that surround some electric, communication, gas,… Continue reading