Get Roped into All Things Utility Locating at the International Utility Locate Rodeo

Did you know that being skilled as a utility locator not only helps save lives by uncovering and marking utility lines so they are not damaged or disturbed but can be a lot of fun, too! Each year at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, utility locating technicians get the chance to prove they are the… Continue reading

Expert Witness Services in Utility Damage Cases

Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes accidents do happen, and when it involves utilities, the result can often be devastating. Gas explosions can cause complete destruction of properties as well as loss of life, as can contact with live electrical lines. Other times, utility damage causes great inconvenience and economic loss, such as cutting phone and… Continue reading

6 Utility Locating Terms to Know: From Private Utility Locating to Vacuum Excavation

When it comes to utility locating and utility locating companies, most of us are not experts :). But as homeowners and private property owners we do need to understand the basics of public and private utility locating, as well as when and why it’s needed. Here are 6 utility locating terms you should know: 1)     … Continue reading

Get to Know Baker-Peterson, a Utility Locating Company

Need assistance with utility locating? Whether you’re a utility company, a homeowner, a business or other private landowner, Baker-Peterson provides underground utility locating services for a variety of needs and projects. Baker-Peterson offers both public utility locating, which involves working with utilities to locate their lines, as well as private utility locating, where we locate… Continue reading

ICUEE, Where We Demo the Latest Underground Utility Locating Technologies

Right around the corner is one of the biggest conferences for underground utility locating companies, contractor professionals and municipalities. Held every two years, ICUEE (International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition) allows us to learn about the latest technologies in utility locating, browse all the newest equipment and tools, and actually see many of these tools… Continue reading

Aug. 11 Highlights Utility Locating Safety by Calling 8-11 Before You Dig

We can’t believe that July is already more than half over and that August is on the horizon. With the arrival of August comes 8/11, a day that the Call 811 campaign has designated to promote calling 811 before digging. According to the free service, every eight minutes an underground utility line is damaged because… Continue reading

Meet our Owners: Steve Baker, Ron Peterson and Dan Baker

We know utility locating! Our owners have a combined 70+ years of experience in the underground utility locating industry. With experience at utility locating companies and being actively involved with many industry organizations, we have honed our focus to be quality, safety and service. Steve Baker co-founded what is now SM&P Construction Company in 1979… Continue reading

The Facts About Subsurface Utility Engineering

Baker-Peterson is an underground utility locating company that offers a variety of services from private utility locating to expert witness testimony in damage law suits and damage prevention consulting. One of the services we offer is subsurface utility engineering or SUE. Subsurface utility engineering is a process that is often used during the planning of… Continue reading