Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s cold outside, but that will not stop your home team at Baker-Peterson, LLC. If you have a job that needs locating, give us a call.  We will be happy to assist you with your private locate needs. Sure, there is snow on the ground, however, if your job is ready to start we… Continue reading

3 Tools Utility Professionals Should Use

For all underground utility projects, safety and quality should be top-of-mind. To ensure a top-notch investigation and cleanup, these three tools are critical to ensure your next project is effective and efficient. Tool # 1: A Quality Team An excellent team is the most important tool at your disposal. After you’ve made effective use of… Continue reading

Another Point of View: Locate Lessons Learned Along the Way

We recently had the opportunity to speak with an environmental professional and colleague about private utility locating through his lens. Take a look at what he shared with us about the benefits of marking before you dig. “The start of an environmental subsurface investigation is always fraught with uncertainty. As an environmental professional there are… Continue reading

Why Baker Peterson?

When deciding the right utility locating service, you don’t have to dig deep. Our team at Baker-Peterson is the obvious choice. We will travel and work anywhere across the U.S. to put the information at your fingertips for an accurate, safe, and competent dig. We offer candid feedback and cooperation every step of the way… Continue reading

In The Dig’s Interview With Steve Baker

Steve Baker, President and Co-Owner of Baker Peterson LLC shares an in-depth interview with highlighting his 40+ year career in the utility locating business.  Hear about the start of SM&P with his brothers to his current company built with his son, Dan Baker, and their partner Ron Peterson.  Visit the link below or listen… Continue reading

Get Roped into All Things Utility Locating at the International Utility Locate Rodeo

Did you know that being skilled as a utility locator not only helps save lives by uncovering and marking utility lines so they are not damaged or disturbed but can be a lot of fun, too! Each year at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, utility locating technicians get the chance to prove they are the… Continue reading