April is Dedicated to National Safe Digging Month

Dedicated to promoting awareness of safe digging practices across the country, April marks National Safe Digging Month. As spring commonly commences more outdoor work and increased digging activity, this month is ideal to remind and promote the critical importance of underground utility lines protection and the safety of all individuals who dig and live around… Continue reading

Get Roped into All Things Utility Locating at the International Utility Locate Rodeo

Did you know that being skilled as a utility locator not only helps save lives by uncovering and marking utility lines so they are not damaged or disturbed but can be a lot of fun, too! Each year at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, utility locating technicians get the chance to prove they are the… Continue reading

5 Ways to Do Your Part on Earth Day

As we approach Earth Day, April 22, it’s an important time to remember that everything we do has an impact on our beautiful planet. Here at Baker-Peterson, we preach the importance of utility locating so no accidents that could damage life -- human or Mother Nature -- takes place. Here are 5 ways you can… Continue reading

How to Join in National Safe Digging Month to Build Awareness of Utility Locating

As we mentioned previously, April is National Safe Digging Month, an initiative of the Common Ground Alliance, a group that works with industry stakeholders to prevent damage to underground utilities and ensure public safety. A variety of activities take place throughout the month – both fun and educational – to spread the word about making… Continue reading

April Brings Spring and National Safe Digging Month

In just two weeks, we’ll be celebrating National Safe Digging Month, an initiative of the Common Ground Alliance dedicated to promoting the importance of utility locating prior to any digging in the ground. In order to “dig safely,” it’s important that everyone make a free call to 811. Calling 811 connects you to your state… Continue reading

ICUEE, Where We Demo the Latest Underground Utility Locating Technologies

Right around the corner is one of the biggest conferences for underground utility locating companies, contractor professionals and municipalities. Held every two years, ICUEE (International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition) allows us to learn about the latest technologies in utility locating, browse all the newest equipment and tools, and actually see many of these tools… Continue reading

Aug. 11 Highlights Utility Locating Safety by Calling 8-11 Before You Dig

We can’t believe that July is already more than half over and that August is on the horizon. With the arrival of August comes 8/11, a day that the Call 811 campaign has designated to promote calling 811 before digging. According to the free service, every eight minutes an underground utility line is damaged because… Continue reading