Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s cold outside, but that will not stop your home team at Baker-Peterson, LLC. If you have a job that needs locating, give us a call.  We will be happy to assist you with your private locate needs. Sure, there is snow on the ground, however, if your job is ready to start we… Continue reading

Get Roped into All Things Utility Locating at the International Utility Locate Rodeo

Did you know that being skilled as a utility locator not only helps save lives by uncovering and marking utility lines so they are not damaged or disturbed but can be a lot of fun, too! Each year at the International Utility Locate Rodeo, utility locating technicians get the chance to prove they are the… Continue reading

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Utilities and Utility Locating

Utility locating is probably not something you think about very often, yet it is critically important to avoid series incidents when utilities are accidentally damaged. We’ve put together 10 fast facts about utility locating that you may not know: An underground utility line is damaged every eight minutes. – Common Ground Alliance 330,000 damage incidents… Continue reading

Rose Parade Features Utility Locating Float

Did you tune in to the annual Rose Parade this year? Perhaps before watching FSU play Auburn in the Rose Bowl? What you may not have noticed was the presence of DigAlert of Southern California spreading the message about calling 811 before digging via a parade float! In the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade on… Continue reading

6 Utility Locating Terms to Know: From Private Utility Locating to Vacuum Excavation

When it comes to utility locating and utility locating companies, most of us are not experts :). But as homeowners and private property owners we do need to understand the basics of public and private utility locating, as well as when and why it’s needed. Here are 6 utility locating terms you should know: 1)     … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Need Utility Locating

Utility locating may not be an industry or a service you’re familiar with unless you work in the construction industry. But it’s very important that everyone who owns property understands the importance of underground utility locating in order to help avoid damages to utilities and resulting injuries. That’s where utility locating comes in! Before you… Continue reading

Landscaping Around a Transformer

Got an ugly green box in your yard from the electric company? It’s likely a “padmounted transformer.” These transformers change high voltage electricity to lower voltage electricity to provide power to your home. While they provide an important function, they’re not the prettiest addition to a yard. You’ll know it’s a transformer due to its… Continue reading