April is Dedicated to National Safe Digging Month

Dedicated to promoting awareness of safe digging practices across the country, April marks National Safe Digging Month.

As spring commonly commences more outdoor work and increased digging activity, this month is ideal to remind and promote the critical importance of underground utility lines protection and the safety of all individuals who dig and live around them.

It’s important to remember that any digging excavation has the potential to be hazardous. Whether your project is small or large, safety and caution must remain top-of-mind to ensure quality standards are met and to prevent hefty fines and injuries.

The best way to prevent any mishaps is to call your local One Call (811) Center before the design stage of any digging project – even a minor one.

To highlight the importance of calling 811, here are some statistics to help keep safety top-of-mind:

There are over 19 million miles of pipes and cables hidden beneath the earth. You are always walking on top of energy. To ensure things continue running smoothly, and to avoid any accidental service shutoffs and cut utilities, first call 811. Following, if it is determined that there are additional private utilities, have Baker-Peterson map and locate the ones in your area. You can then dig safely knowing all utilities have been identified.

An underground pipeline or utility line is damaged by a digging project every six minutes in the U.S. It happens often. And it can happen to anyone. But it doesn’t have to. A credible, detail-oriented, safety-focused private utility locator like Baker-Peterson is equipped with the necessary tools to ensure your project won’t have any surprises. We’ll use precision to find and locate all utilities within your project scope.

According to the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), failure to call 811 results in more than 250,000 unintentional hits of underground utilities in the U.S. every year. Don’t assume you know best. While federal safety standards specify the minimal depth for pipeline and cable burial, placement can change over time. Soil erosion, root growth, and much more can all contribute to the rerouting of utilities after installation. Remove the guesswork, Call 811 and a private utility locator when needed.

22% of pipeline damage happens as a result of hand tools, like shovels. That means residential digs are just as prone to accidents as major construction, if not more so. Any time you’re going to be powering into the soil to conduct landscaping – or even plant a mailbox – call 811. And if you have an extra gas line to the grill or an electric feed to your barn, call Baker-Peterson.

Follow safe practices to prevent injuries, outages, and property damages. Visit Baker-Peterson for additional information to keep you safe.

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